The benefits of becoming a Dog Walker.

Who would have thought that you could have a wonderful job that you enjoyed waking up to every day and it wasn’t even that difficult to start!

Here’s some information about the job that I do now and the benefits that I receive every day. I love dog walking and that’s why I do it but I didn’t realise just how beneficial it was. Yes, I feel much better than I did when I was working at a desk but it’s soooo good – I can’t recommend it enough!

Not only do I have fun and meet lots of new people, everyone chats to you when you’re out with a gorgeous pooch, I’m also doing myself and my health a big favour.  So let’s have a look at the physical health benefits first. I’ll list them for you to see just how wonderful the world of dog walking is! 

Walking can lighten your mood – being out in nature has a huge beneficial effect on us. Increase circulation – therefore helping with heart function and that’s a major reason to do it!

Strengthen muscles – all those lovely long beach walks are actually doing me good!Improve sleep – fresh air is great to aid sleep and if you’ve managed a bit of a mountain climb with an overly energetic dog that has to help too!

Supports joints – improved muscle mass helps with this. Helps with weight loss – most people can only see this as a fantastic by product!

Lower the risk of Alzheimers – the sadness is that we could all end up here. Anything that can be done to help has to be the best way forward.

There are even more benefits that I could mention but I wanted to touch on something else. We are all aware that sitting has become the new smoking. Changing your career is fairly daunting but the benefits of this lifestyle make it incredibly appealing. We’re all talking about the damage that stress can do but we aren’t sure how to change our current situation. I understand the dilemma but for me the benefits far out weighed negatives. My income is smaller, there’s no denying that but my life is happier! Dogs actually relieve stress and make us happy. Does your present job do that? I can’t tell you how many dogs greet me with a waggy tail and often a whole waggy body ( they all do! ) That makes my work a pleasure, brightens every day and it makes me realise that the world is a better place when you include dogs! If you’re thinking of a change and would like to have a chat – please contact me through our website – I’m always happy to help.

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