K9hub – Should I join or not?

There are many things to consider when it comes to promoting a business.

1) Will it work for my business?

2) Will I get value for money?

3) How do I know that they really will advertise extensively?

4) How much more am I willing to throw at my business in order to keep it going?

All of the above are valid questions especially for small businesses with limited budgets. I know, I’m a small business owner too. I’ve been running my business for over 10 years but I’m always looking for more clients. Dogs come and dogs go as owner’s circumstances change.

I have spent many months thinking about how to create a space for all of our businesses to get together under one roof and to advertise and market ourselves as one nationally. I’ve spent time, effort and money bringing this concept to fruition. It’s a simple but effective solution to our marketing needs which only costs $5 per month. Essentially we all contribute a very small amount which then becomes a big enough amount to give our businesses the visibility they need. Promotion, advertising and marketing will be taken care of by K9hub and we can then compete with bigger businesses in our field. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to market my business myself but with virtually no budget it’s not been easy to get the visibility that I need. I have subscribed to many websites which have charged double what The Hub is charging or have taken 20% of my income for work that they’ve sourced. I feel like that’s a crazy amount of money to pay! By sitting down and re-evaluating all of this I came up with the idea of K9hub. This would be a website for us. One where we could afford to pay the monthly amount and then start to see our businesses grow. The more well known we become – the more work will appear for us all. Currently we’re marketing on social media. We’re looking to add radio, newspapers and TV to our list of advertising. I am determined to make this a success for us all. Owners will be grateful for this one stop shop. No more trying to find us on Google or Facebook or the like. They will know that if they need something for their dog – then there’s only one place to go. K9hub.co.nz – it’s The Ultimate Dog Directory.

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