Frequently asked questions

Here at K9hub we connect dog parents with local, reliable and trustworthy businesses. We advertise a range of services and products to cater for your dog’s needs. Most of our businesses are small and often work from home. Our aim is to bring all of these small providers together under one roof to make finding what you need for your dog a lot easier.

We’re essentially a directory of small businesses who all advertise under the K9hub umbrella. We pay a very small subscription fee and 25% of all profits go to Ellie’s Canine Rescue and Rehoming charity.

The beauty of K9hub is the diversity of our businesses. Some providers offer a fairly specialised service or product. For example some of the daycare facilities may take specific breeds or small breeds only. All of the businesses on the website give contact details or a link through to their own FB page or website. 

It’s easy! After searching through the directory, decide on what you need or want and by clicking on their profile it will direct you to their contact details. This may be a website, social media page, email or telephone number.

It’s not essential to have insurance but it’s highly recommended. 

It’s not essential but it’s highly recommended. Go to the Ministry of Justice page here to apply.

Councils and local authorities differ depending on where you live. Please check your local guidelines.

It’s essential that you are a dog lover. If you’re caring, trustworthy and reliable then you could choose to become one. It’s always a good idea to show prospective clients references if you have them.

Please email us through the website or deal directly with your chosen service or product provider. K9hub is all about connecting dog parents to each of the great, caring doggy providers here in the doggy industry!

To update your profile, head to the top right corner menu and hit login. Once you have logged in successfully, take a look at the top menu and you will see a Profile tab. Click that tab to see your profile and make adjustments.

In the top right of the menu there is a login link. Hit that link and then you will see a small “forgot password” link on the bottom right and follow the instructions from there.

Dont forget you may have signed up with your social media login so simply click “login via social” to access your account.