K9hub – Should I join or not?

There are many things to consider when it comes to promoting a business. 1) Will it work for my business? 2) Will I get value for money? 3) How do I know that they really will advertise extensively? 4) How much more am I willing to throw at my business in order to keep it […]

Covid Puppies

Lockdown is over but some things remain the same. No social distancing but no going overseas either. We thought that we had eliminated it but find that cases are still coming through which is to be expected. This week we were told to stock up on face masks which wouldn’t have happened pre Covid.  We’ve weathered […]

The benefits of becoming a Dog Walker.

Who would have thought that you could have a wonderful job that you enjoyed waking up to every day and it wasn’t even that difficult to start! Here’s some information about the job that I do now and the benefits that I receive every day. I love dog walking and that’s why I do it but […]