Covid Puppies

Lockdown is over but some things remain the same. No social distancing but no going overseas either. We thought that we had eliminated it but find that cases are still coming through which is to be expected. This week we were told to stock up on face masks which wouldn’t have happened pre Covid.  We’ve weathered the storm well. The world has looked to NZ as a model that worked – well done us! The question is ‘What did we do during that time of boredom?’ Well some people it seems, rushed out to buy a puppy. GREAT! Who doesn’t love a cuddly pooch to snuggle up with and to share ourselves with at a time of stress? Then lockdown ends and we all go back to work but we still have this wonderful new addition. 

Life with a puppy who soon becomes a dog is different to life without one. Now getting out of the house and seeing to everything just got a little harder. Dogs need to be fed, watered, walked and given a lot of human contact on the whole. I’m not saying that everyone chooses to do this but taking on the responsibility of a dog in my opinion suggests that you would want to do your best for him/her.

Finding a doggy daycare or choosing a dog walker just got easier here in Tauranga. K9hub.co.nz has just started. This is a great website for finding a dog business near you. Whether you would like to find a dog walker, doggy daycare or someone to cover your time while away – just head over to K9hub and start a search. Covid puppies need other services too like grooming, training and great products  – we have all of those. We’re a group of small businesses who have got together under one umbrella to make finding a solution to your doggy problem a whole lot easier.

If you have a dog business that you would like people to know about – head over to our site and between us let’s take care of all of these Covid Puppies!

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